How to Develop Psychic Intuition

Proven ways to become more intuitive

Many people believe that all humans are born with some psychic ability. They also believe that anyone can improve and develop psychic intuition. If you read the biographies of famous psychics like John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and others, they will tell you that they developed their psychic intuition over a period of time.

Developing intuition is a journey. It happens gradually, step by step. Sometimes a live psychic readings helps a person develop their psychic intuition because of the encouragement and tips received during a psychic chat.

Meditate to develop psychic intuition

There are many other ways to develop psychic intuition. To be intuitive, you need to develop your ability to understand something right away without trying to use reason to find an answer. Intuition is something that you just know. Becoming intuitive requires getting in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and inner self. The way that gurus, psychics, and others who have developed their intuition discover intuition is through meditation.

Maybe you'e tried to meditate but nothing happened. Just relax and don't try to do anything but quiet your mind. When thoughts and words enter, try to see yourself pushing them out. There are two ways to improve your meditation. One way is to play meditation music. It will relax you and will also help your mind relax.

Another tip is to say an affirmation as you begin to meditate. There are many different ones that you can use. You can say "love" or "peace" or a word with religious meaning.

Invite spirit guides from the Light into your life

After you have learned to control your thoughts through meditation, you can invite spirits from the light into your life. Be sure to tell them that ONLY spirits from the light may enter your mind. Maybe some message will come to you, but chances are that nothing will happen immediately. You may get a message as you're driving in the car or doing laundry. It doesn't just happen when you're meditating.

Almost every psychic has at least one spirit guide who provides messages to them. You might have one or more too if you ask. Many people have connected with their spirit guide with the help of online psychics who can connect with your spirit guide and ask the guide to connect with you.

Practice looking, listening, and feeling in case you receive a message

Paying attention to what you see, hear, and feel. You may get a random thought that is actually a psychic message, or you could get a feeling about something. You might even hear something as if someone is talking inside your head. Keep practicing using your senses to communicate with your spirit guides. You probably will never see them, but spirits from the Light are thought to be souls that once lived who help humans who are now living. When you realize that you are not alone at any time,
but that you're part of the Light and connected to all other beings, you will feel a peacefulness and your intuition will grow.


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