How Do You Know If Your Child is a Medium or Psychic?

Experienced psychics say that all children are born with psychic abilities

Most experts agree -- all children have some psychic ability because these abilities are part of being human. The problem is that most people do not use their psychic abilities. Without parents encouraging psychic talents in children, the unique power often goes away. An online psychic reading can help you discover whether or not your child has psychic gifts that you should encourage.

Specific signs that a child is psychic

If a young child is a medium, she will be able to talk to the spirits of family members and others who have passed away. The child will probably tell her parents about conversations that she has had with a brother or cousin who passed away or with a grandparent or great grandparent. At first, the parent may think that the child is imagining that she spoke with the deceased person. The psychic child has frequent episodes of talking to others who are "not real" to others.

It takes real information to convince most parents that their child is a medium or psychic

When information comes from the child that could not have been known unless she actually spoke with the deceased person, parents begin to really listen to what the child says. If a little boy or girl tells their mother that grandpa said to look somewhere for a treasure or money, and it is really there, the parent will probably be convinced that her child has special abilities.

Imaginary friends can actually be spirits

A child who communicates with an imaginary friend may truly see another child or someone who has been on the other side. Spirits are known to visit children because young people are more open-minded and are often more willing to believe that someone is really sending messages to them. One way to know for sure what is going on with your child's conversations is to have a live psychic reading by psychic chat. You can connect with a psychic who will be able to tell you if your child is simply playing an imaginary game, or if there are spirits involved in a conversation with her.

Parents need to listen to what their child says to know if she has psychic abilities

Rather than dismissing what the child says as mere chit chat, parents who truly listen to their child may be amazed. Sometimes children make predictions that come true. When a child says, "Mommy, don't go that way" when you are driving, and you ignore your son, you may regret not listening. If you sit in traffic for two hours because of a wreck when your son tried to warn you, you may try considering what the child is trying to say the next time.

With encouragement, a child who seems to have psychic ability can develop these gifts

Preschoolers and young elementary school age children are very much influenced by what their parents say about their behavior. They may act like they aren't listening, or they may not do what they are told to do. They still hear and take in what their parent says to them. if a parent encourages a child's musical talent, the child will probably want to practice and get better. The same is true with psychic ability. Respecting the child when she tells you that she senses spirits, rather than laughing at or discouraging her experience is key.


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