How to Give a Psychic Reading Over the Telephone Without Ever Using Psychic Ability

Can someone fool you into thinking they're a psychic during a phone reading?

Unfortunately, it is possible to be tricked by someone who claims to be a psychic, and it happens if you're not aware of the methods that fake psychics use. There have been individuals who purposely set out to see if they could give a psychic reading over the telephone without ever giving any other reading. Here is how they did it.

1. They listened for clues as the client spoke with them. People who call psychics are often upset or emotional when they call. They explain the problem that is bothering them, mentioning names and particulars about the situation. With this information, it isn't difficult for a fake psychic to keep them talking on the phone for 30 minutes or more. The caller probably believes that they are a gifted psychic because they know so much about them.

2. They draw conclusions from what you say about yourself. If you tell the psychic that you are a stay-at-home mom with two preschoolers and that your husband travels frequently for his job, they can tell that your family is able to survive on one income, that your husband probably has a high paying job, and that he meets many people in his travels.

In the same way, if you tell the psychic that you are a freshman college student who just graduated from high school last year, the fake can make some conclusions about you. You are experiencing living away from home for the first time in either a dorm or apartment and you probably don't have much extra spending money. You might be pressured by the need for a lot of study time or you could have boyfriend or girlfriend problems.

3. They make a suggestion and wait for you to affirm or deny it. The fake psychic may say to the student, "I see a book, and you're having trouble turning the pages." Then the caller either lets the fake know that they don't relate to this or they feel as if the fake psychic has connected with them and sees their problem. If the guess is off, the fake will just keep trying to guess the situation and wait for a reply. Psychics online who are fakes try this method as well.

This is a cold reading

You've probably seen famous mediums do readings like this on TV shows. They claim to be a medium and tell the audience that they have a message from a man who had heart trouble before passing away. Almost everyone in the audience has someone in their family who suffered from heart trouble and died. Someone in the audience is bound to relate to a vague message like this one.

Know the tricks of fakes to protect yourself

When you know what to look for when you call online psychics, you won't be taken advantage of. You will be able to hang up immediately if you see that the psychic is trying to pump you for information. The best thing to say to a psychic when you call for a reading is simply to tell them your name. Don't give your birthday because they can use astrology to get general information about people born around the time of your birthday. Stop and think before giving any information. Ask the psychic to tell YOU what you want to know.

Be fair and give the psychic time to connect with you and the information. Remember that there is no switch that psychics turn on for instant information. If you've been on the phone with a psychic for 10 minutes or so, and you feel as if you are not getting any helpful information, just hang up.


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