How to Perform the Psychic Card Trick

There are several variations of the psychic card trick

Even if you have never done a card trick before, you will easily be able to do these two variations of the psychic card trick. Your friends will be amazed, and you will be the hit of the next party that you attend. After everyone sees you perform this trick, they will think you will be giving a live psychic reading before long because of your unique psychic ability.

Easy steps to performing this card trick the right way

To begin this card trick, shuffle the cards, and as you straighten the cards, note which card is on the bottom of the deck. You will need to keep track of this card throughout the trick. Spread the cards in a circular, somewhat messy pile on the floor or table in front of you, being careful to watch where that bottom card goes. When you spread the cards out in a circular motion, you can knock the top cards about so that they look like you have mixed them up a lot.

Explain that you are going to predict what the card will be

This is where the card trick gets pretty amazing. Tell the spectator that you want him to point to a card and that you are going to tell him what you want it to be. Pick the card up after your friend points to it. After he picks a card, hold it in your hand and tell him to point to another card and say that you want it to be the card that he just drew. Continue doing this two more times, saying that you want the card to be the one that was drawn the time before.

You choose the last card

Now, tell the person that you are going to choose the last card, saying that you want it to be whichever card was on the bottom of the deck. You can then spread out the cards that demonstrate just how psychic you really are to your friends. There are other versions of similar card tricks that will make you look like a professional psychic who specializes in psychic readings online.

Another easy to perform psychic card trick

Another psychic card trick that is easy to perform is done like this. First, tell the spectator that you are going to make a prediction before shuffling the deck of cards. Cut the deck several times and turn it face up in your hands. Notice which two cards are closest to you. If one is a king and the other is any spade, then as you fan through the deck to show the cards to the person, pick out the king of spades. The next step is to ask the spectator to choose a number between one and fifty. Then, count out that number of cards. Place the extra cards to the side. You then divide the cards into two piles in back of the king of spades, as if you are dealing them out in a one, one, two, two, etc. pattern.

Show how psychic you are by choosing a king and a spade

Now is the time to show your spectator how you get the cards that you predicted. Flip over the top card on the first pile. It should be a king, and when you flip over the top card on the other pile, it should be a spade. Tell your spectator that you predicted king of spades, and there it is. Your audience will be amazed at your psychic talent.


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