Psychic Cleansing Can Cure Physical and Spiritual Ills

Psychic cleansing balances the aura and keeps it healthy

During an online psychic reading, you may be told that you need psychic cleansing. What does this mean? Many psychics are able to see the energy field that surrounds each person and object. When the psychic connects with you, she may be able to see the aura that extends from over the top of your head all the way down both sides of your body to your feet. Auras have certain colors and shades that can tell the psychic if any problem that you are experiencing is caused by an imbalance in your energy field.

Psychic cleansing heals your aura and sets it right

Imbalances in your energy field can result from lack of sleep, not eating healthy foods, stress, alcohol, smoking, or lack of fresh air and exercise. When these things occur in life, you may become tired and lack energy, or even become depressed. You can also get physically sick or develop diseases. A psychic is able to tell you is your aura is affected by negativity and can help you regain happiness and a positive direction in your life.

Ways that a psychic can help you with your energy field

Online psychics can first of all tell you if your energy field needs psychic cleansing. Very few people other than psychics are able to see auras, so you probably won't know for sure without a professional psychic help you. Next, the psychic may be able to remotely provide the psychic cleansing that you need during a psychic chat or phone consultation. The psychic will probably use tools such as crystals and sounds such as bells or chimes. These are referred to as cleansing tools. Each psychic has favorite tools that work best with her special powers.

You will also get advice on how you can perform the specific psychic cleansing that you need

During a live psychic reading online, the psychic will remotely examine your aura and tell you steps you can take to keep your energy field aligned after she cleanses it for you. You may be told to meditate and to visualize the negative energy around you melting away as your energy field is replenished with pure positive energy. You may also be told to buy certain essential oils and to use them for cleansing and protecting yourself.


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