Psychic Training Schools

You can take classes to develop your psychic powers

Online psychics often tell us that we all have psychic abilities, but most people need help in developing their psychic gifts. There are some universities and colleges in the United States and that exist solely to help students develop clairvoyance, intuition, and other psychic abilities. Some psychics who work for online psychic companies have completed courses or programs like these to develop their own spiritual gifts.

A university begun by Edgar Cayce

One of the most famous psychic training schools is Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It has been open since 1930. Edward Cayce, the famous medium, helped to start this institute of higher learning. It is an accredited university with graduate level courses in mediumship and other areas of spirituality. Students can earn their Master's degree at this non-profit institution where the curriculum incudes meditation, dream work, and other courses that are not usually found at traditional universities. Learning is through distance education.

The College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater, Florida

The College of Metaphysical Studies is another famous school for developing psychic ability. It was established in 1986. Students train in metaphysical ministries and in spirituality to develop their psychic abilities. Both degree and non-degree courses are offered with the goal of graduates entering leadership roles in modern movements such as the New Age or New Thought movements. Someone who wants to be able to provide live psychic reading for others may want to attend this college.

Delphi University, McCaysville, Georgia

Delphi University has been in existence since 1974. Students may take three schools of study to develop their clairvoyance, healing abilities, and other spiritual gifts. The three schools of study prepare students for mediumship and channeling in the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship, or for holistic and spiritual healing and integrative medicine at the Patricia Hayes School of Metaphysics. The third school, the RoHun Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, focuses on Transformational Spiritual Psychotherapy and Self-Enlightment.

There are many programs that focus on developing clairvoyance and other gifts

Anyone who wants to be able to access their psychic gifts and use them for the benefit of others can enroll in a number of programs that will help them do this. Psychic School is one of these that offers courses on meditation, chakra cleansing, healing, grounding, and and in other subjects. Most courses last for about six wees. Besides programs like this one, many people learn to sharpen their psychic skills from mentors or guides who help them. Someone whose goal is to provide psychic readings online can learn to develop their unique gifts in any of these ways.


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