Tips on Writing Battle Scenes Involving Psychic Powers

Writing battle scenes is easier when characters have psychic powers

Regardless of the type of novel, short story or other writing you are working on, you may want to think about writing battle scenes involving psychic powers. When characters have the ability to contact the spirit world for advice, they know how to defeat their enemies by using their natural powers of protection. A live psychic reading is a good resource if you want to find out how accessing the spirit world is really done.

You will need to research psychic powers and abilities for your character traits

In order for your characters to be believable, you will want them to have similar psychic abilities to real psychic heroes. Maybe the hero in your story is going to secretly turn into a psychic detective to discover where the real villain is hiding. He will then use his clairvoyant ability to find out the exact time and site where the villain will be the next day when the clock turns to 3pm. The next battle is avoided, and lives are saved because of his psychic ability. You can see that adding psychic abilities adds interest to an idea for conflicts in your story.

Expand on psychic abilities to make your battle scenes even better

Giving your characters abilities similar to those that psychics possess will make your battle scenes more realistic. You can create a race of warriors that is clairaudient and has the ability to hear spirit messages in their minds. When the enemy begins to challenge them, they can hone in on a variety of new and interesting attacks.

Consider having someone witness the battle scene

Another approach to using psychic abilities in your story is to have a character witness the battle. This can be a discovery experience in which the observer goes through a process of wondering how the psychic fighter is able to make her weapon fly through the air to stab an enemy, or how a gun can continue to fire without ever being reloaded. The possibilities are endless when your characters have psychic powers.

Expand on the abilities of real psychics

When writing fiction, you can decide how much psychic ability you want your characters to possess. They could have "normal" amounts of psychic ability, or even expanded psychic abilities that are based on the abilities that many psychics online who provide tarot readings online. You could also create new psychic powers and abilities that are a product of your own mind. Any way that you go, adding psychic powers to your characters when writing fiction will add interest to your battle.


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