What Are the Signs of Being Psychic?

Do you ever get the feeling that something is going to happen and it does?

One of the main signs of being psychic is that you get a feeling about something. Then, before long, that even really happens. Maybe you get a random thought that something will happen and it does. You might see a delivery truck pulling up in front of your home. It seems like a ridiculous thought, especially if you haven't ordered anything. Then, later that day you really do receive a letter or package. You weren't thinking about this at all, but something or someone told you that this was going to happen and it did. This is a definite sign of being psychic.

Do you ever know who is calling on the phone without checking the caller id?

This happens to everyone occasionally, but if you weren't expecting a call and suddenly the phone rings and you know who it is, you may have another sign of being psychic. You can have an online psychic reading to be sure. A professional psychic is able to connect with your energy in many different ways. The psychic might be able to see your aura, or the energy surrounding your body. Some psychics can also ask their spirit guide, the spiritual helper from the other side who provides a lot of information for psychics to give their clients. This is a good way to know if you have signs of being psychic.

Do you ever get communication from the other side?

If you hear messages in your head or see flashes of random scenes in your mind, this could be another sign of being psychic. Online psychics who receive these messages themselves are the best ones to tell you if what you are experiencing is a psychic ability. Many of us could be psychics, but we tend to block out messages because we don't want to think that we are going crazy. We don't understand what these things that we hear or see could mean, or who they are from. If you consult with a professional psychic on psychic chat or by phone, you can describe what you are seeing or hearing to find out for sure. The psychic can help you know what is happening in your life and tell you if you are a psychic.


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